Shopmobility Wigan and Leigh

Service to close down after 30 years

The Trustees of Shopmobility have reluctantly decided that the service will have to cease trading in Wigan and Leigh as the funding available to secure its continuation no longer exists.

The service which started in 1986 under the auspices of the council, has been run as an independent charity and limited company since 2011, when the council withdrew its 100,000 p.a. support from the service. Since that time the dedicated staff and volunteers have worked to raise additional funds by means of operating two retail outlets, establishing cafes in their offices, using eBay to sell specific items, marketing more aids and adaptations to the public and working long hours in the two offices. Staff have also worked for lower rates of pay than when the council operated the scheme in order to assist in the financing of the charity. However, despite these efforts the dropping off of sales through the shops, inflation applying to utility costs and prospective increases in salary and pension costs this Spring means that expenditure is exceeding income, with no realistic prospect of this trend reversing.

It is therefore a great disappointment for the many users of the service to learn that it will be closed from 15th January 2018. The remaining funds in the charity should enable it to close via a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation, which will ensure that staff salaries, notice and redundancy monies are paid out. With the realisation of the assets of the company along with remaining funds all outstanding debts should be cleared. Whilst the Directors regret the need for closure, the requirement on them to trade responsibly under company and charity law means that there is no alternative to this course of action.

Focus Insolvency Group have been asked to manage the closure of the charity. Their address is:

Skull House Lane, Appley Bridge,

Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 9DW, United Kingdom


0800 157 7327

01257 251 319